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CINDRA Professional Pet Products

Whether you're handling the #1 show dog in the country, you run your own dog grooming business, or simply a dog owner; CINDRA products will bring out the best in every breed

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Welcome to CINDRA, your #1 source for professional dog grooming products.

CINDRA specializes in show-dog quality pet shampoo and grooming products, including conditioners, coat dressings, dog coat sprays and a variety of specialty products. Veterinarians, kennel owners, breeders, groomers and pet retailers rely on CINDRA for excellent deals on quality dog grooming products every single day!

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Why So Many Products?

A breed is a relatively homogeneous group of animals within a species, developed and maintained by man. All dogs, impure as well as purebred, and several wild cousins such as wolves and foxes, are one family. Man, using selective breeding to get desired qualities created each breed. Through the ages, man designed dogs that could hunt, guard, or herd according to his needs.

Coat texture and quality along with the temperament or character of a breed is often critical to its being able to perform its designated task. Even though dogs may be mainly companions today, the written standards that breeders and judges use to determine the ideal individual for the breed are based on these original tasks.

The Cindra product line offers customers a sufficiently different number of products to enable them to create the unique coat required by their breed. Using Cindra can be easy if you follow our basic instructions. However, if you apply your imagination and creativity you can develop the correct combination of products for individual coats for spectacular results.